The Five Mistakes You Do Not Want To Commit

As a graphic designer, there are many things you have to watch out for, but undoubtedly the biggest mistakes you do not want to commit are:

• Plan and sketch it out – as a graphic designer, the biggest point you should never forget in order to ensure that what you make – be it interactive designs or not – does not end as one big mistake is to plan it all out. This starts from the rough incomprehensible sketch you make whilst talking with your client, incorporating his ideas into something vague, to the many sketches and drafts you make repeatedly in order to give shape to the project. Sketching and planning is an essential part of graphic designing – you can realize how important it is when you start on the project without under sketches and get proportions, locations, sizes, etc. all wrong.

• Remember the goals and target audience – the next important thing to do is to always listen to what the client says. Pay attention to his or her desires, highlight what their intent is – your graphic design Hong Kong project should clearly portray their goals as well as be appropriate towards the intended target audience. Make sure to never stray too far (or actually, don’t stray at all if you can help it!) from the goals of the project.

• Name those layers! – a small nit-picky problem that seems to be commonly shared by the majority of all graphic designers is their laziness to actually name their layers. This is a fatal mistake, especially if you were to calculate the amount of precious time you end up losing searching for a specific layer in the multitude of layers that prop up as you proceed along with your project. Make sure to uniquely name each layer, even with a vague name that only you would understand, in order to save time searching for layers. Visit 

• Use proper fonts and colours – always keep in mind the end form of the project – is it going to remain in its digital version? Or will it be printed? Based on the answer to this question, the colours and form of your project can drastically change. The reason? Simply because the digital realm and the physical realm depict colours and size differently – at least, most of the time. For example, colours that look vivid and bright will end up duller once you print them, and sizes that seemed very large on the computer screen can end up miniscule in their printed format.

• Take a break – and last but not least, remember to always take a break when you cannot proceed on the project. Creativity and inspiration are the key to successful projects, which makes it quite pointless to glare at a screen all day long when you cannot think of anything. Take a walk or engage in a hobby for an hour or two to clear your head and switch gears – you will find it much easier to progress.